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Merseysides No 1 Acupressure Massage Team
(The Workplace treatment with the WOW! factor)

Cloudnine Bodyworks are available to provide Acupressure Massages/Reiki at a competitive price for your company's staff.

Our on-site team are guaranteed to leave you and your employees feeling revitalised, refreshed and ready to face any challenge that may lay ahead!


A husband and wife team .....................................She

In business since 1998.  Stephen and Sheila Hughes have worked all over the North West and even as far afield as Turkey and Italy!  Plus five years back stage at the Liverpool Summer Pops as well as back stage at the Liverpool Empire and Philharmonic Hall.

We are fully qualified therapists who provide an on-site acupressure service that will re-energise your workforce.  We work on specific stress release points mainly on the back, neck and shoulders, helping to relieve aches, pains and stiffness.  No oils used, received through the clothing.  Clients sit in a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair.

Workplace treatments only take 10 minutes - as short as a coffee break but better.

A longer treatment is available for those who have more time.

We also offer home visits for those unable to get to our events.  The home visit gets the longer treatment!

Holistic - Individual parts interconnected to make a functioning whole